Jan 10

Workers Playtime Quiz – BBC Essex

Remember way back in May when we all did so well with our specialist subjects in the BBC Essex Workers’ Playtime Quiz. Well! Surprisingly The Ballet Company team has made it through to the semi finals on Mark Punter’s afternoon show.

The second round of semi-finals take place next week and is broadcast daily at 3.30. We will be fielding a different person each day, answering as many general knowledge questions as possible in 30 seconds .

I have reminded everyone that it is the taking part that counts; that and a week’s publicity. If we get through to the finals week commencing 20th January we will be competing against Southend YMCA.

It’s only an easy question if you know the answer. Someone else once said that!

All the competitors deserve a round of applause – win or lose. It isn’t easy to concentrate when you are live on the radio. Wish everyone luck.

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  1. admin

    How we must suffer for our art!
    Well done to all of those brave enough to put themselves up for public ridicule this week on the Quiz.
    Whilst we didn’t get through to the final we lost out to the team that had been at the top of the leader board. Someone once said it’s only easy if you know the answer and whilst some questions did appear to be easier than others, they were obviously only the ones I knew!
    I don’t think that there’s a play off for 3rd place – but we’ll let it go!
    5 days of publicity for The Show in March. Ticket sales are going well and any prompting can only be a good thing. Remember that our goal is 2000 tickets.

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