Mar 30

What a week, What a show, What a great Company

The verdict was unanimous.

A perfect pairing in this BOGOF evening of ballet. United by parasols, public costume changes, wit and good humour…….

…….hugely enjoyable double bill at the Civic Theatre.

Chelmsford is fortunate to have a non-professional ballet company at all, and doubly so to have one as ambitious and aspirational as this. This entertaining, enterprising double bill made a wonderful showcase for them; we look forward to seeing how they will top it in 2016.


Imaginative ensemble work from a huge corps de ballet, including children, old salts, ship mates and gossips.

A joyous production, full of dramatic detail and fancy footwork, culminating in a crescendo Di Ballo whirl before the final patriotic tableau.


They have a lovely Swan pas-de-deux in the park, take their first tentative steps to The Elephant, and triumph together in the Blue Danube….. and the carnival finale, full of zest and energy…..


Any company would have been proud of yesterday’s double bill.

Everybody in that show danced well………..I loved The Nutcracker but this double bill was even better.

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