Oct 25

What a prize!

Jess Frogley, one of our senior dancing members, is so excited and wants to share the news of her good luck

“During April to July 2013, I attended a monthly workshop at Colours of Dance Studios in Cambridge taking part in RAD workshops.  These were a fantastic opportunity to work with different teachers and improve technique. It was also great to not have to travel into London to take part in a workshop but to a place that serves East Anglia.

On the first workshop, I purchased a ticket for the Genée raffle which supports this event.  The Genée is a competition run by RAD and this year took place in Glasgow.  I was thrilled to find out four months later that I had won the raffle!  My prize was a backstage tour of the Royal Opera House and to watch a Royal Ballet Performance from the wings! I was absolutely amazed and can’t wait to go.  I am currently waiting for the ROH stage management to let me know which date works for them and me to go along. I would just like to thank the RAD for making this experience happen. I will let you know how it goes! – Jess”