Q) Why does my copy of the Company web page not show the correct information?

A) Many people save web pages to their “Favourites” list. This saves a copy of the web page as it was when it was saved. To see updated pages press the REFRESH button and then save the page again.

Q) When will the next audition take place?

A) The next auditions will take place in June 2018. Forms can be downloaded from the site on “Events/Auditions” when the forms for 2018 are released. However, in the meantime you can attend the appropriate company class as a guest.

Q) Is there only one audition date?

A) There is normally only one date each year. It is often quite difficult to arrange for an adjudication panel on more than one date; it is also quite costly to hire premises. Please let us know if it is the date that is a problem though. Some years we have held two auditions but it is not always possible to do so. Although two dates were set for 2017 provisional date set for September will not take place because of limited demand.

Q) Can I audition for the annual show too?

A) You must have been accepted at The Company Audition to audition for a part in the annual production.The show auditions are separate and will take place in October BUT only dancing members can audition. All members are automatically notified by email wherever possible, of the show audition date. As soon as the date is decided it will appear on the website calendar.

Q) If I am auditioning for Junior membership, do I need to bring my pointe shoes?

A) No, pointe shoes are only required if auditioning for Senior Membership.

Q) I would like to come to company class with my friends who aren’t members. Can non-members come too?

A) Company classes are open to non-members. As long as they are 10 years old or above and have passed Grade 2 ballet or are working at an equivalent level they can attend company class. Details of the standards for senior classes, times and prices can be found on “About/Company classes”.

Q) I am already a General Dancing Member but would like to audition for Senior Membership, do I have to pay an audition fee?
A) Yes. The cost of staging the audition means that we do still charge existing members.

Q) I won’t have the time to take part in the Show next year but still want to keep in touch, will Company classes still be held during the rehearsal period?

A) Yes – with the exception of January and August, there are classes every first Sunday in the month.

Q) If I am successful at audition how will I know all about what is expected of me?

A) If you are successful you will be given a Dancer’s and Company guide to a mutual “Code of Conduct”. This can be viewed on the “Members” link at the top of the web page. There will also be a “New Members” meeting when you will get the chance to meet the committee members and your fellow dancers. There will be a lot of information available at this meeting. A Pre-show meeting will also be held.

Q) I auditioned for Junior Membership and was successful in gaining entry to the company. Do I need to audition each year?
A) No. You only need to audition again when you wish to upgrade to Senior Membership.

Q) I cannot find an application form for Let’s Make a Ballet on the website. Where can I get one?
A) Let’s Make a Ballet application forms are available in the Summer term for the following October, either from the Corporate Schools or from your dancing teacher. They will also be available to download from the website.