Jul 07

Christopher Marney day!

Well! Sunday was certainly a packed day for the Company. We expected the classes with our patron to be popular – and they were. Both classes were packed to capacity and it was as much as the committee members could do to stay in their seats for their meeting. With the beautiful music emanating from the studio we longed to join in.

It was fantastic to see so many at the senior class, including some members who are temporarily back from their studies.

Between classes we welcomed our new members with a brief introduction to The Company, just to say hello after their success; otherwise it is a long wait for the new Company year to start in September.

And then Chris lead his workshop, giving our General and Senior Dancing Members a taste of what it will be like to work with him if they are later selected to perform in his piece “Carnival of the Animals.” Everyone worked very hard at the repertoire set and Chris was very pleased with the standard of dancing that he saw.

September is the start of another exciting company year and when our younger members will get the chance to try some repertoire from “Poll”.