Oct 24

“War Letters” by Christopher Marney for Ballet Black

Ballet Black is on tour at the moment and after Leeds, will be performing at The Playhouse in Harlow on the 14th November.

They will be performing a mixed bill including a narrative piece by our Patron Chris Marney.

This piece has had very good reviews and with the theatre so close to home it is well worth a trip to support this brilliant company and our fantastic patron.

War Letters is set to compositions by Shostakovich and Glenn Miller and portrays American GIs departing for war, and the women they leave behind.

The One Played Twice by the renowned choreographer Javier de Frutos is set to a suite of Hawaiian songs, the oldest dating back to the mid-19th century. There are two other works by Robert Binet and Ludovic Ondiviela.

To book tickets http://tickets.playhouseharlow.com/