IMG_20150927_134026 (493x640)The Company holds an annual workshop based on the forthcoming production. The workshop will give all levels of dancing members an opportunity to:

  • Try out roles for which they would not normally be eligible.
  • To gain an insight into solo/lead roles
  • To work on mime and characterisation
  • There will possibly be the opportunity for “Pas de deux” work depending on participants.

The day will also be open to Associate members over the age of 10 on the 1st Sept

(Please note that the day is not a compulsory requirement for dancing members who wish to audition for the show)

Other special workshops are added from time to time.

This year there will be an extra event.

8th July NEW ADVENTURES will be taking a workshop in the studio.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to work on characterisation and storytelling with dancers from this groundbreaking company.

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New Adventures_Wkshp_Jnr_2018

New Adventures_Wkshp_Gen_snr_2018

Ballet Central Workshop April 2017

Ballet Central Workshop April 2017








Pointe Workshop 2016

Pointe workshop 2016