Mar 24

New Award

JR as Dr Coppélius in 1991

Our Artistic Director Annette Potter, announced the creation of a new award during show week at the Civic theatre.
The John Richardson Memorial for “Performance”.

Coppélia, or more precisely, the role of Dr Coppélius was synonymous with John Richardson (JR) who died in October 2011. It was a role that he created with different choreographers and Artistic Directors over the many years in which he was associated with the company. His association with the company lasted many years.

He coached and encouraged many aspiring dancers in acting and performance techniques; helping to draw out the extra sparkle and enthusiasm required to enhance their dancing abilities. He was a friend to all but became a very close and special friend to the Potters. It is for this reason that they want to honour his memory with this award for performance during show week.

The first award will be made in 2014.

Annette (then Shearman) and Andrew Potter danced the lead roles with John as Dr Coppélius in 1991.