Jun 30

Membership Renewal Forms

Annual Subscription forms are available to download from the site. Go to the Members Tab – Annual Subscriptions.
I do hope that you will renew your membership this year, and would ask that you also consider inviting your friends and family to join the company as associate members.
As you will have seen in the newsletter we need to maintain a strong base of support for the work of the Company in promoting Ballet and dance in this area; every member is important to us so that our productions and events can continue for the next 60 years!  We are looking forward to next years production of ‘Coppelia’ as well as our ‘Lets Make a Ballet’ day later this year.
I would especially ask current dancing members who may be considering not renewing their membership to consider the associate membership rate; this would enable you to continue to support the work of the company for other dancers, and maintain your own links with us for the future.  I know from experience that being an associate member also offers the opportunity to participate in shows in the non-dancing roles – in my opinion almost the best of both worlds – the joy of performance, without the sweat and blisters!
Dancing members should also consider that if they are moving into higher education they could maintain their dancing membership  (if continuing with a regular dance class) and return to the company in the future without the need to re-audition.
I look forward to receiving your subscriptions, and seeing you all at events in the future.
Debbie Snell
Membership Secretary