Feb 23

Exciting things happening in Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping BePhoto 17-02-2016, 11 57 30 am (640x480)auty might be an old fairy tale dating back to the 17th century but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use modern technology to make the story more entertaining.

The Company has always been innovative in it’s ideas; commissioning new pieces from a variety of choreographers from modern to neo-classical. “Nightclub Express” and “Carnival of the Animals” being two recent examples. Each style has its own requirements in terms of staging, scenery and special effects; The Company has always embraced the challenge, so when Annette Potter wanted to make Sleeping Beauty really special, the committee rose to the occasion and has commissioned special effects and materials from specialists in the field of “stage magic”.

This production will be the traditional story but using state of the art effects. Marion and Annette enjoyed a really fun day at the theatre “on set” last week helping to create those effects that will make this production spectacular. Already renowned for our dancers, costumes and staging this new creative idea just raises the barrier.Photo 17-02-2016, 11 58 48 am (640x480)