Oct 19

Coppelia Auditions

Well done to all dancers that took part in the auditions Sunday, a great start to the production process.  The wait will soon be over and you will find out what part you have been successful in getting in Coppelia.

The provisional cast list will be sent out after this weekend; due to my work commitments I can not get it out sooner. Company life is also rather hectic at the moment with preparations for Lets Make a Ballet on Sunday. I look forward to seeing some of you there.
The roles available in any given year depends greatly on the dancing membership at that time. Just because there were 6 friends last time doesn’t mean that there will automatically be 6 friends this time!
So,  a reminder that the cast list is provisional, it will be changed. Sometimes I need to work with a group before a final decision is made and some roles have to be re-assessed. Not all dancers that auditioned will necessarily get a dancing role but possibly an acting role or an understudy role.

Thank you all for coming to the auditions.


Artistic Director