Sep 06


What a great start to the new year. After our second audition of the year, we are so pleased to have now accepted 24 new members into The Company. 5 dancing members were also upgraded to Senior membership.

Classes this morning with distinguished teacher Linda Shipton saw a really good turn out to get us off to a fantastic start. The team is really excited to be back and the committee meeting this morning was really buzzing with excitement.

We are currently bombarding the membership with information about what is to come; new members shouldn’t be afraid to ask as many questions they need to. It can seem quite daunting to start with as there is so much to take on board but we are all very friendly and looking forward to working with everyone.

Hard work and dedication will bring you all great rewards, with the culmination of our spectacular production at the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford.

The workshop is the first event and an application form can be found by following the link Workshop Application Form  20125 followed by the show Audition Show Audition Form 2015