Jun 05

Christopher Marney

We are all just so excited!! Annette and Marion had a long meeting with Chris on Sunday after classes and now have more details about how our patron will be working with us in the next year and the exciting piece that we will be performing alongside “Pineapple Poll”.

We are indeed very fortunate that he is finding so much time away from his hectic schedule to work with us. He is soon starting (re) rehearsing for his role as the Prince in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake which will be touring in Japan, China and Australia in the autumn. He will be back to work with us at rehearsals in January 2015.

Just for starters, Chris will be taking classes on the 6th July. We are expecting that these classes will be very popular, so if you intend to go please let us know. The studio is only so big!

Please email Annette Potter or Zoe Glenister.

Then, for General and Senior dancing members only, there will be a workshop in the afternoon of 6th July. Chris wants to give an insight and introduction into his style and way of working. This workshop is free but is not a prerequisite to audition for the show. So, don’t worry if you really can’t make it, you will only be missing out on a fun afternoon and not the opportunity to perform in the show. Chris will assess the auditions in October. Of course more details about the auditions will follow later.

Details will be sent out very shortly: You must let Zoe Glenister know, as soon as possible, if you intend to be there.

Finally, the piece that we will be performing “Carnival of the Animals”. A narrative piece set to the beautiful music of Saint Saens and Strauss and not “The” Carnival of Animals that we know, but about a touring ballet company.