May 14

Can you fill their shoes??

Some of our Senior Dancing Members are leaving us.

Company auditions for new members and for upgrades for existing members are scheduled for Sunday 23rd June. Many of our dancers are moving on to greater things. Some to follow more traditional studies and some are going on to vocational training. Male applicants are especially welcome. Application forms are available to download from the website, or you can contact the membership secretary directly for more information.  The closing date for the applications to audition is the 14th June.

Demi Aldred  

Demi joined as a senior dancing member when she auditioned in 2009. She has danced in The Company’s productions of Cinderella, Beatrix Potter, Night Club Express and Napoli. She is a pupil of Judith Harris of the Graham School of dance and is currently finishing her studies at “A” level at Harlow College. She has recently passed auditions for The Northern Ballet School, Millenium, London Studio Centre…….The world is her oyster. We wait with baited breath to hear where she is going.





Sam Ellis

Sam started dancing at 5 years old and joined the company in 2009 at the age of 13, just in time to audition for the company’s 60th Anniversary. The show was ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and was a fantastic and extravagant way to start her Chelmsford Ballet Company career.   She performs RAD ballet, ISTD tap and modern at Advanced Two standard at the Central School of Dance and Drama in Brentwood. She is currently studying Maths, History and Economics A levels at Greensward Academy and plans to go to University in September. If she gets into University, Coppélia will have been her last show for a while.

 Michael Smith

Michael joined as a senior dancing member when he auditioned in 2012 after his time spent with us as a Guest Artist acting in Napoli rekindled his interest in ballet.Although his time with us has been short he has made an impression on everyone involved with The Company with his good humour and willingness to help, whatever the event, whenever he was able. He participated in Let’s Make a Ballet last year, came along to help with the loading of the Coppélia set, also spent a lot of time painting and repairing it, as well as helping at get-out. We won’t even see him at Company class as he is off on a hectic round of travelling; South America and SE Asia before he leaves for university to study medicine.

These are just a few those who have told us their plans… there may be more and we want dancers to fill their shoes.