Mar 29

Back to reality

Down to earth again now! But, we know that we can look forward to some more super events in the build up to NEXT YEAR, starting with Company Classes this Sunday.

Classes will be taken by Brian Loftus who enjoys coming to teach you all as much as we love to have him.Denise,Brian and Annette

Non-members are welcome as long as they fulfill the criteria outlined HERE

Don’t forget to bring your orders for photographs and DVDs if you haven’t already sent them.

There is of course costume return scheduled for between classes and you are reminded that if you have any problems that you should contact the Wardrobe Mistress as soon as possible and in any event before Saturday. All costumes have to be returned to the store and this has to be done on one visit; having spent so much time making, restoring and refitting costumes over recent months it is only fair.