Jun 24

Auditions-What a fantastic day!

There was an amazing turn out for our auditions this year. With over 50 candidates applying and 48 actually arriving to audition. Our membership secretary, Debbie Snell, even received some applications Sunday morning before she left for CYGAMS. It looks likely that there will be a healthy intake.

It was a bit of a tense time for the candidates as the first session over-ran, putting the day’s schedule out right from the start; but the parents were a very good natured and happy bunch and seemed content to wait. A good sign for the future, or a sign of resignation for a dancer’s life!

Whilst I am sure that everyone is dying to know the results I hope that they can be patient; there is a lot to do and they will be sent out as soon as possible.

We are all looking forward to welcoming the new members at Company class on the 7th July. Even if the result is a disappointment I hope that they will want to become associate members. This will enable them to participate in a range of company events and to attend company class at a reduced rate. Of course non-members are welcome to attend these classes.

We are very grateful for the hard work and effort put in by everyone concerned in the organization of the day. It is to the credit of them all that the day was such a success.