Auditions for Guest Dancers

Auditions For “Guest Dancers”.

Depending on the ballet that is chosen for its annual performance, the Company ocassionally holds open auditions for Guest Dancers aged from 7-10** to perform with them in the annual production.

Guest children at rehearsal 2014

Guest Mice at rehearsal 2014

Guest Mice at rehearsal 2014

In 2011 we had guest hedgehogs in Beatrix Potter, 2014 we had guest children and mice in The Nutcracker and guest fairies in The Sleeping Beauty in 2016.

These auditions take the form of a short class with some “repertoire” included. The selected dancers normally begin rehearsals in January for the following March.This is a wonderful performance opportunity for aspiring dancers to take part in a full length ballet.

Those successful at audition will receive comprehensive information regarding exact performance and rehearsal dates. However, it is stressed that all guest dancers will be required to attend the compulsory rehearsals – the last two rehearsals before theatre week and all rehearsals at the theatre including the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before opening night.

**min.age 7 and under 10 on the 1st September.