Annual Production

The magic of Herr Drosselmeyer “The Nutcracker” 2014

The Chelmsford Ballet Company has a vast repertoire, ranging from the classics to specially commissioned choreographic works.

Each year The Company produces a stunning interpretation of a major work, as in 2010 with Cinderella, or as in 2011, a modern narrative piece; Nightclub Express was choreographed by Carl Parris and showed the Company’s strengths to best effect.

In its 65th anniversary year, 2014,The Company chose the eternal favourite The Nutcracker. Annette Potter’s adaptation of this iconic ballet has received highly favourable reviews from critics and audience alike.

Birds from "Carnival of the Animals"

Birds from “Carnival of the Animals”

2015 saw The Company’s premiere of an exciting neo-classical, narrative piece “Carnival of the Animals”, specially created by the Company’s patron Christopher Marney as part of a double bill.

2016 saw the reprise of the iconic story of The Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty 2016

Sleeping Beauty 2016




More magic followed in 2017 with Alice’s Adventures.IMG_6047_resize