Dec 17


What a fantastic day yesterday. A run through of act 2. I’ve never enjoyed a rehearsal so much. Well done to everyone for making the day so special; especially to the Wardrobe Mistress, Ann Starling – so far ahead with costumes – and the Artistic Director, Annette Potter, for her beautiful choreography.Can’t wait!


  1. Annette Potter

    Thank you Marion, it was a really fun day, an impromptu run of Act 2 was a success. I was extremely proud of our dancers. Can’t wait to work with the rest of the cast.

  2. Carol Lovelock

    If Sunday’s run through of Act 2 is anything to go by I really cannot wait until the show!! I love Coppelia as a ballet anyway but the professionalism of all our cast just blows me away to the point I forget to take pictures!

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